A-Z Multifamily Mentoring Program

Learn to be a Passive Investor

Become an Passive Investor. Create and manage your passive investment business.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction into Passive Investing

  • How and Where to Get Started

  • Considering Deals

  • Deal Sponsors

  • The Process

  • How to Analyze a Deal

  • Capital Source

  • Becoming Super Passive Investor


James Kandasamy

Principal – Director of Acquisition, and Investor Relations

Shanti James

Principal – Director of Property and Construction Management

Who We Are

  • We are operators with Assets Under Management (AUM) of $130M+, 1800 units across 9 large Apartments.
  • Vertically integrated operators with 30+ employees
  • Winner of Best Property of the Year award for San Antonio – Best Rehab.
  • Author of Best Selling Book “Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate”
  • Podcast Host of “Achieve Wealth through Value Add Real Estate Investing” podcast
  • Founder for “Multifamily Investors Group” on Facebook.