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Create and Manage Your Own Multifamily Investment Business

James Kandasamy is the founder of Achieve Investment Group, a multifamily investment company, and he’s passionate about helping invest passively in commercial real estate. He has over seven years of experience in real estate and more than five years in multifamily acquisitions and asset management. He has identified, underwrote, and oversaw the acquisition process of about $180 million of quality multifamily investments, and 10 plus assets and still growing. Right now the average IRR in their portfolio is more than 20%.


Our Students Who Think Achieve Academy Is
More Than Just Coaching

“100% Prepared For the Real Estate Market Cycles With James” – Ronny Philip: CEO and Founder at The Kingly Group

“Now I truly Understand How a Deal works and How to Make a Deal Work” – Issac Mathai: Owner of Hidden Creek

“Now I truly Understand How a Deal works and How to Make a Deal Work” – Issac Mathai: Owner of Hidden Creek

“I have been through many training programs before but James is different” – Carey Rouse: Realtor at Supreme 1 Realty

I’m impressed with what James has done and what he is doing for others! – Wayne Courreges: CREI Partners

What We Offer

Our ULTIMATE training models allow investors to use the proven systems and strategies and invest on their own, with the network directly or along with us. The training is Powerful, affordable & comprehensive with zero marketing bluff, 100% legit and practical

A - Z Multifamily Mentoring Program

Learn how to become a successful operator. Create and manage your own multifamily investment business even with zero credit or no money of your own.

You Will Also Get Access to

Online Video Lessons

40 Group Mentoring Classes

Access to Private FB Group

Access to all our team and Vendors

Access to all underwriting and due diligence tools

Passive investing Program

Learn how you can use the structure of the commercial real estate participation deal to create a reliable passive income stream so you can live the life you’re meant to live – now.

Most Hard-Working, Middle-Class Americans Aren't Aware That There Are Real Estate Investment Opportunities Available For Just About Everyone.

They assume that in order to make a lot of money, you MUST have a lot of money. Or in order to buy real estate, they have to buy the whole real estate and manage it themselves.
They think they have to be investment experts before they can dip their toes in the investment waters.
They think that as long as they keep investing in their IRA or 401(k), they’ll eventually get to enjoy their lives…after they retire.
But none of that is true! And this misinformation has prevented hundreds of thousands of people from living the life they dream of – now!
It’s just now right. So I decided to do something about it.


Unless we go to school for finance, nobody ever teaches us how to invest. Maybe you had a high school class that explained the stock market. But that’s about it.

Most of our investment experience lies in what our parents did – 401(k)s, IRAs, money market accounts, a lockbox under the mattress.

“Real estate investing” is usually limited to buying a primary residence (and paying on it for 30 years). It’s not your fault that you’ve been missing out on investment opportunities that can change your life. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know! But once you know, you’ll be glad you did. And here’s the thing: You don’t have to figure it out yourself. You don’t have to go to YouTube University and comb through all the junk to suss out the good stuff. You don’t have to turn your hard-earned money over to a financial guru who will do whatever he wants with it because you “just don’t understand investing”.



James Kandasamy

Co-Founder, CEO, Achieve Investment Group

Shanti James

Co-founder, CEO, Achieve Properties

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Apply For Mentorship program

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